Our Mission

The Marello Youth Retreat Center operates as a spiritual haven for youth. Here, children and young adults join together for single or multi-day retreat, enjoying accommodations conducive for prayer, study, reflection, meditation, friendship and fun as they journey towards spiritual maturity.


In the early 1990s, Marello Youth Retreat Center was but a vision in the eyes of the Oblates of St. Joseph. They imagined a retreat center that would provide opportunities for pre-teens, teens and young adults to gather together to build upon their relationship with God.

Nearly 10 years later, their vision became a reality. In October 2002, the Oblates of St. Joseph celebrated the grand opening of Marello Youth Retreat Center. Today, they invite youth groups, parish youth ministries, Catholic schools, Catholic Faith Formation programs, and all youth to consider this special place as a location to venture away from the everyday – a place to find themselves and God.


Oblates of St. Joseph

Founded in the late 19th Century by St. Joseph Marello, the Order of the Oblates of St. Joseph is a Catholic congregation of both priests and brothers, living in fraternal community, and serving Christ.

The California province includes The Oblates of St. Joseph Provincial House and The Shrine of St. Joseph Guardian of the Redeemer in Santa Cruz, California, the Saint Marello House of Study for major seminarians in Oxnard California, and the Marello Youth Retreat Center in Loomis, California.


St. Joseph Marello

Father Joseph Marello founded the Oblates of St. Joseph in 1878. As the order grew worldwide, the brothers and priests of the congregation worked diligently to develop a vibrant youth ministry which focused on religious education.

That mission continues today at Marello Youth Retreat Center as the Oblates of St. Joseph work to provide a spiritual haven where youth and young adults can strengthen their values and convictions.

On Sunday, November 25th, 2001, Pope John Paul II canonized Joseph Marello.


This, Then, is our mission: to spread the knowledge, the love, and the observance of the teaching of Jesus Christ.

St. Joseph Marello