Facility Features

Marello Youth
Retreat Center

10,000 square foot facility reminiscent of the mission-style architecture so dear to California.

  • 10,000 Square Foot Mission Style Facility

    The red tiled roof and “adobe-like” walls create an other-worldliness that beckons youth to venture beyond their daily existence to welcome the opportunity for reflection, contemplation, sharing and growth.

  • Rural Setting

    Takes youth away from the secular world that can be overwhelming and distracting.

  • Environment Allows Spiritual Inquiry and Growth

    The setting, quiet, and beauty allow fruitful retreat time and instruction.

The grounds at Marello Youth Retreat Center are expansive. The rural setting allows for young people to leave behind the distractions, worries and stressors that often impede their ability to examine their faith life and spirituality.
An outdoor stations of the cross, prayer walks and rosary reflections give youth a chance to explore all dimensions of their Christian faith life.
While the running water of a fountain reminds of the significance of water and our baptismal promises, not far away, youth can find those familiar elements that encourage play, teamwork and cooperation. A basketball half-court, tetherball and other hard-surface games provide great options during free time and “fresh air” breaks.
Inside the retreat center, youth experience a large multi-purpose room that is sectioned in the evening for overnight retreats. The St. Anne room for girls and the St. Joachim room for boys reminds youth of the Mary’s parents and Jesus’ grandparents. The chapel area allows for sacred moments, including Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, prayer services, reconciliation services and the like.