AYouth Retreat Experience can be the single most important event in the faith life of a young person. Marello Youth Retreat Center reserves time just for youth. We give them time to open their minds to their faith, values and convictions. These youthful years introduce a remarkable world to young people – a world full of joy and breathtaking awareness, but also a world full of distractions and confusing choices. Consider how a retreat can strengthen the spiritual life of young boys and girls who seek to know God, and invite him into their hearts.

A youth retreat at Marello Youth Retreat Center can be a rich, spiritual experience for young people.

The experience

  • Open

    To open up the hearts and minds of young people to the reality of Jesus Christ living in and among us.

  • Explore

    Explores a range of themes through various methods and activities.

  • Examine

    To examine their own “interior” faith.

  • Understanding

    To a fuller understanding of his or her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Effects of Retreats

This “time away” is vitally necessary for everyone — young and old alike — to invite the opportunity for extraordinary spiritual growth.

While the experience is different for every person, all are touched by God in a personal and intangible way.

We may not immediately witness the effects of a retreat, but the experience often defines and strengthens one’s perspectives, convictions and values as they grow in faith, and grow closer to God.

  • Teens
  • Teens